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Cosmic Cloud

Here on earth we dwell in space surrounded by the cosmos.   Don't forget who runs the show. © JBReid 2010

Out-of -the-Cube

Steps above a cubicle is this view on Earth. © JBReid 2010

Earth Landing

A view from space shuttle Earth on July 22, 2010. The pull of gravity held to terra firma while clouds spun me into orbit. Imagination transfixed. Landing safely at sunset. Larger than me, oh I was a part of it for an instant. JBReid

Last Look

Just before nightfall the sun winked and said good-night. JBReid

Morning Ride

The sky could not stop for the sun.  So I stood still and stopped for it.  Just 10 seconds in an eternity. Is this how fast life is? © JBReid 2010