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A friend of mine who wanted to lose a few pounds, was instructed by her doctor to try a liquid diet of grains and fruit—so she bought a case of red wine and beer. My vision had been one of those infomercials with fruit smoothies, green slime, and wheat germ. Not a chance of that, she shot back while filling an ice-frosted mug with lip smacking foamy liquid. Doctor’s orders indeed.  
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Laws of Attraction at Work

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Leaving the Cubicle Womb 

     It happened unexpectedly.  Time crept without fanfare but became evident when I reached the age of 60. That’s when I began to contemplate if retirement could be in my future.  I didn’t feel old, yet the calendar didn’t lie and neither did the mirror.  Passed being a woman of “certain age” I was now facing a new reality.  I may have to leave the cubicle womb.
(more: Leaving the Cubicle Womb)

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