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"You may retire lakeside...but retirement is a vast ocean"   Joan Reid 2014 A post shared with Elder Chicks - September 2014:        Have you ever sat on the beach looking to the horizon, wondering what is beyond your vision?  The waves hypnotically lull you into a trance where your mind wanders in and out of rooms, searching, searching, for what?  An answer, any answer that will explain life or maybe just the very moment you are in.      That's how I feel today on what has already started to be routine  when I am home on Mondays as a semi-retiree. I find myself dreading Mondays without work as much as I did when I did report to a job.  I want to call my mother to ask how she handled her new found freedom after retirement in 1989.  She appeared to enjoy it.  How did she spend her days, what did she think about?  She often said, "Never look back."   Sadly her retirement lasted only 4 years, her life ended before her new blossom took root. Is th