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Snow Surfing

     When I awoke this morning I felt my age of somewhere between the beginning of time and the present.  Peeked outside to see a feast.    A perfect morning with bright sunlight, a virgin snowfall, and the sky a deep sea blue.  So what it was 19 degrees.  So what if the wind made it feel like 6.  Two pairs of pants, layers of sweaters, two pairs of gloves, heavy jacket, scarf and boots made it feel almost like summer.        A 12 year old kid grabbed her surf snowboard and headed toward the hill behind a nearby school. There were only two other children there with their dad.  After several sweeps into the soft powder, I asked for a quick photo. Immediately after there was more surfing, climbing the hill, and some hoots of excitement.      The snow hugged the trees and carpeted the road, and allowed me to grasp a wisp of youth.